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The project Zero Home is an initiative of City Tree, a group of city dwellers who want to bring the ideals of sustainable living into life – In the city. They take an active part in the global environmental movement, changing the way we live on this planet, co-creating a new culture and raising awareness. They hold regular workshops, classes and lectures throughout the year on sustainability – in all aspects of our life. From food preparation and garbage disposal to human relationships and economics.

What they set out to do here is build a fully sustainable home where everything is self sufficient and recyclable. Designed by an architect, an urban ecologist, and an industrial designer, the house was set up as a live installation as part of the Fresh Paint Exhibition. Tami Zori lived in the house throughout the period of the exhibition and for a whole month after that, in another forest location.

The film depicts the nature of the project and its purpose. Giving us a taste of what it’s like to experience it.