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Peace it Together provides a unique dialogue and filmmaking program that offers youth the opportunity to connect deeply with their so-called “enemy” while co-creating short films that are used as peace-building tools throughout the world. Their work is centered on three distinct processes: Dialogue: learning about and listening to each other, Filmmaking: engaging in the creative process, Sustaining the Impact: sharing the films and encouraging others to build peace.

The work carried out with Peace it Together is ongoing outreach work once the young people completed the summer camp and returned home. During an entire year the group of Program Leaders met regularly, reflected on the ongoing situation and their part in it and took part in screenings and follow up discussions in a variety of venues and contexts. From schools, to Pre-army training centres, youth clubs, universities and community centres, we had over 20 screenings in under a year. Due to the success of the program, it was extended for another half a year.