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The medium of film offers a powerful tool to raise awareness and shift people’s perceptions. It becomes even more effective and powerful when it is combined with a post screening discussion, in the places where it’s needed most.

Helping to facilitate an open and receptive discussion is something we constantly work towards and pride ourselves in.

Since its premier in September 2012, “Within The Eye of The Storm” the award winning film by Shelley Hermon, has been invited to over 20 Countries, 60 Cities & 100 screenings with audiences ranging from young and old, multiple racial and religious orientation and cultural backgrounds.

Whether through festivals, organisations or educational forums, dynamic discussions took place in different communities from Mexico & the US, Europe, South Africa and as far as Kazakhstan!

The focus is always on enabling new perspectives, creating a platform for people to voice themselves and most importantly encouraging audiences to listen. Without fail, each discussion has been lively, passionate and in depth. Where misconceptions were broken, new alternatives were suggested and triggered much food for thought. The impact of which goes on till today!

It is possible to order a screening and facilitated discussion with Shelley Hermon with the film “Within The Eye of The Storm” by email: