Firefly Pictures


We produce a variety of projects as well as offer consultations – from conceptual brainstorming, to writing a creative brief, to planning and defining milestones that need to be achieved to realise a project.

We know only too well how difficult it is to make a film, sometimes a consultation session is all that’s needed to bounce ideas, find clarity and develop a plan that supports the process and helps make it happen!

We are particular fans of Cross Media projects. We developed a cross media project called Bridging the Divide and offered consultation on the ambitious project From Zero by MOVE Productions, Steffano Strocci.

3mins x 120 episodes produced 

The project brought stories from earthquake emergency camps in Italy, to reveal what happens in disaster areas the day after international media attention is gone.

Through a global web platform with short documentary episodes uploaded regularly, we follow the everyday lives of people slowly building a new beginning after the unexpected hit on April 6th in Abruzzi, (Southern Italy) in 2009. These are the stories of Rosa and Antonello waiting for a government house, Mario trying to rebuild his old café, Ignazio chief of the tent camp dealing with the slow dismantling plan, Sergio the cook directing a huge Red Cross Camp kitchen and many others…