Firefly Pictures


Firefly Pictures is a company with a mission to provide high quality media that not only answers to the specific needs of individual projects but to the emerging needs of our society and era. The projects we work on are about raising awareness, encouraging paradigm shifts, transformation and giving voice to minority groups. In so doing celebrating difference, whilst finding our commonalities as human beings.
It’s not simply about telling a good story, but about creating and promoting the narratives we want to manifest in our reality.
Because we believe individuals have the capacity to bring about change, our films put on the screen the people and stories that offer a new perspective and give hope. Ordinary people, leading extraordinary lives. Sparks of light in often dark places, that show us what is possible and inspire us to reflect on ourselves, our lives and our societies.
We believe that film has the power to truly make a difference.

Our approach involves creating co-beneficial collaborations, working in communities and using media to educate and empower the young. Whatever we take on, we approach it in an ethical and professional manner and invest our hearts and minds in it. Whether it’s a day’s shoot or a long term project, we work with passion and enthusiasm.
Depending on the requirements of the project, a team of freelancers is put together to carry out the work regionally, as well as internationally. Co-productions are a very welcomed challenge. We also offer consultation sessions to help plan a project, realize it and strategies its outreach. We will be happy to hear from you!

Shelley Hermon – Founder of Firefly Pictures
Shelley Hermon grew up in both Israel and England. She began working in media in 1997 as an Art-Director at world renowned add agency ‘Ogilvy & Mather’ Hong Kong, and since 2000 worked in the film industry, as a freelance Producer/Director/Camerawoman on a broad range of international productions; Short films, documentaries, educational films and promotional videos. Her multicultural background infused her with a commitment to film projects specializing in giving voice to minority groups and shifting paradigms. She has produced and directed over 20 films with ‘at risk’ youth, teenage mothers and conflicted communities. She is now based in Israel, working as a freelancer and has recently completed her debut feature ‘Within The Eye of The Storm’ which received the support of the Sundance Institute Documentary Program, Keren Makor, Keren Gesher and France 5 TV and won numerous awards.

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